About Us

In 2015 I founded Killem With Chic - a tee shirt line I named after seeing this quote, CHIC - Creating Happiness, Inspiring Confidence, I thought "that's the sort of movement I'd like to create." A few months after launching KWC, my momma suddenly passed away. This lead me into pursuing my new venture with a new sense of direction and purpose which helped launch other passion filled projects to help and empower other women. In early 2019 I learned how harmful the fashion industry is not only to the planet but to women all over the world (Read more - Fashion. A love hate relationship.) I knew I had to bittersweetly stop production of my tee shirt line. I now travel full time visiting different countries, states, cities and towns wandering into every single pre-loved store in search of unique, quality, rare, and sustainable fashion. I have always believed that my calling is to empower women both inside and out, now I am proud to be doing it in a more sustainable way.