Killing them with CHIC - Creating Happiness, Inspiring Confidence 1

by mariela torres November 15, 2017

Killing them with CHIC - Creating Happiness, Inspiring Confidence 1

10 Women Killing Them With CHIC - Creating Happiness, Inspiring Confidence

While most 20 and early 30 year olds are posting false illusions, pictures to look cool and trying to impress people, other women are using social media for something greater.  I decided to make a monthly blog post to spotlight these women utilizing social media platforms to positively impact others.  

Please raise your glass of rosé for this months' 10 magical women on social media spreading love, positivity and doing amazing things for humanity and the world. These women are game changers, influencers, dreamers, creators, healers, and boss babe entrepreneurs.  


Courtney Wall, Founder of Lady Killas
Courtney is a UX/UI designer & artist who lives, works and creates in Southern California. After receiving her Associate’s in Communication Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology and her Bachelor’s in Graphic Design at San Diego State University, she focused her interests on culture. Lady Killas was brought to life after she noticed a lack of female leadership in the design field. The recognition sparked a desire to gather her community in order to address issues regarding the Women’s Movement, career growth and a healthy work/life balance. Lady Killas currently hosts monthly meet ups in San Diego and Denver, and offers a line of apparel and accessories fit for the hard-working & sassy millennial woman.
I met Courtney through mutual friends and instantly knew this girl was going places. This boss babe exudes heart, hustle and soul. I have seen Courtney take Ladies Killas from small intimate gatherings to sold out pop ups and events featuring other boss babes. Her passion for women equality and the rise of women in leadership is something that I truly admire. She is also a badass artist and designs for the Lady Killas clothing line brand. It has been SO rad seeing you kick ass, Court! You're truly an inspiration. 
  • IG: @ladykillas_sd // @shopladykillas 


Justyna Kedra, Founder and CEO @ FUNDVENTURES + WE Rule 
    Born in Poland, moved to Chicago at age 14 and then to NYC to pursue her biggest dream – entrepreneurship. Parsons the New School was her only decision and somehow (magically) with the ability to draw stick figures - she got in. She knew that the school would provide her with all the necessary skills. Upon graduation she started interviewing female entrepreneurs that inspired her – first 200 interviews she did herself over coffee. She was amazed how many successful entrepreneurs she met, so started digging deeper- globally. After learning they face the same issues around the world, She realized that she found a problem to solve and a life mission. Then found out that women get only 3% of venture funding- FUNDVENTURES was born. She lives to not only help women and minorities grow bigger and better businesses and help close the gender gap, but by doing so to make our world a better place by investing in people who can make it happen.
    I have never met Justyna in person but have had multiple conversations with her when I got featured in an interview with WE Rule. I was honored and taken back by the organization she had created. She truly makes it her life mission to give women like myself a platform to shine. Thank you for giving me and so many other women entrepreneurs a place to sparkle our light! 
    • IG: @_we.rule // @fundventures 
    Marissa Daly & Meredith Daly, Founders of Your Daly Dose Blog + As Much Again 
      Marissa and Meredith always wanted to be entrepreneurs and have their own business, so that's what they did! They started their Fashion Blog firstly because in college, they were getting questions daily about their outfits/where they shop/etc. They finally to start the Your Daly Dose blog about 2 and a half years ago and they've hoped to be a help in some ladies' lives with styling/fashion sense/inspo and even a little bit of lifestyle inspo as well! From there, they wanted to create a brand (Fashion Label) that really inspired women with what they put on. They personally want to feel confident when they go out each day, and believe that, that stems from what you put on yourself (Fashion/Sense of Style). They love to feel confident yet still look like a lady, so they make pieces that do just that. They hope that their pieces make others feel like this as well, and hope to keep growing as a BRAND, a LABEL, and as PEOPLE.
      I met these two babes last year (2016) when we were both showcasing our clothing lines at Fashion Week San Diego. Not only are these ladies two of the purest and kindest souls you will meet but I have seen them both design, cut, and sow a beautiful silk gown in minutes, yes minutes. They're seriously beyond talented. I'm so grateful we got to experience the magic of fashion week together and beyond grateful for our deep talks about entrepreneurship, fashion, confidence and life lessons. Love you both and thanks for inspiring me and so many others with your loveliness. 
      • IG: @your_daly_dose_ // @asmuchagain 
      Andria Schultz, Founder of Network Smart
        Andria knew she wanted to pursue a path to Hollywood at the age of 8, whe proclaimed to her family her goal of becoming the CEO of Disney. She soon ventured out to Hollywood where she learned from Mentors and worked on television shows including, Your Family Matters, America's Funniest Home Videos, Disney Channel's Bizaardvark and NCIS. From there, Andria found her passion of helping other Millennial's get into the Entertainment Industry and this self-discovery began her road into Entrepreneurship as CEO/Founder of Network Smart, as well as, an active contributor for Influencive. Andria has interviewed Celebrities, Executives, & Professionals Behind the Scenes to help Millennials better understand what it takes to get into Hollywood. She is dedicated to motivating people of all ages to go for their dreams without fear of rejection.
        Andria and I met at a fashion show event last year and instantly became friends. I just confessed to her recently that she reminds me of a disney princess... She just has this sweetness about her. Although we've only been friends for a short period of time we have both opened up about life and entrepreneurship with one another leaving us both in tears. (More on that tomorrow! She's on my podcast!) She's one of those people that if she can help you in any way she definitely will which is why she is SO good at her job. Andria, thank you for being a light in my world. Love you! 
        • IG: @andriacshultz 
        Stephanie Johnson, Founder of the missjohnson blog 
          Stephanie is a 23-year-old blogger living in Orange County. She started blogging in 2014, when she realized her love for style and fashion trends. Now, her blog consists of all things that inspire her and things she feels every young woman finding herself can relate to. Mental health, physical health, relationships, school and advice on all things relevant to being a young creative. Her main goal is to make sure everyone on her blog leaves feeling a little bit more inspired than when they came. 
          I've never met Stephanie in person but her posts have always spoke to me. You can feel the good energy shine through her photos and messages. I love her transparency relating to mental health and other topics most avoid talking about. When I reached out to her she mentioned how much my message touched her heart. Well Stephanie you have touched mine, thank you and keep doing what you're doing, boo. 
          • IG: @missj0hnson 
          Christina Rendon holistic lifestyle inspiration, writer, energy healer
             Christina Rendon is a holistic lifestyle inspiration, writer, and energy healer. She assists awakening individuals to create life transformation to fully thrive, feel connected, and allow alignment with their greatest potential. She does this through energy healing techniques, life activation practices, guided meditations, sharing her inspirational writings, and assisting others in writing books/articles. Christina graduated from UCLA, has studied with various spiritual teachers from around the world, and has completed a number of certifications in multiple spiritual practices and holistic health coaching. She is co-author of the best selling book “Passionistas: Tips, Tales and Tweetables from Women Pursuing Their Dreams.” In this book Christina shares her journey about her spiritual awakening, pursuing her passion for spirituality and holistic lifestyle, and how she transformed her life over the years by pursuing self-mastery. She believes that when we realize the interconnectedness of our energy and being, we can transform our lives. Also that, this alignment empowers us into bringing wellness, fulfillment, and balance to every aspect of our live. 
            I met Christina at a entrepreneur / millennial seminar. Her mission in spreading spiritual awareness is something you feel the moment you meet her. Christina and I connected on a deeper level. We have both gone through major life losses and a spiritual awakening. We need more connected souls like you in this world, babe. Thank you for your friendship. 
            • IG: @ChristinaRendon
            Devon Simpson, Co-Founder of Strive & Grind 
              Devona is an entrepreneur, artist, best-selling author, speaker, and branding expert. Devona is the Co-Founder of Strive & Grind, an international Branding and Creative boutique that helps entrepreneurs create memorable, disruptive, and badass brands that dominate. Amongst being the co-author of Passionistas: Tips Tales & Tweetables From Women Pursuing Their Passion, Devona is the Creator of gangSTAR* CREATIVE, and is on a mission to annihilate the status quo of the “starving artist.” You can find her being featured in the press, rocking stages, and creating dope exclusive paintings. I first met Devona  watching her and her hubby speak about Strive & Grind at a seminar. They killed it! I was lucky enough to be sitting close enough to them to introduce myself and get to know one other. Devona has this undeniable badass vibe to her. She creates and hustles and it's admirable to witness. Thanks for the constant motivation and love, babe! 
              • @_devona_ 
              Rachel S Lee, founder of 
                Rachel S. Lee is an entrepreneur and investor focused on the ecommerce and affiliate marketing industry. She teaches others how to make money from their laptops from selling products and services online with automated marketing funnels. Rachel has taught over 100 workshops, gives inspiring yet comedic talks, and has authored 2 books. She likes to network, party, chill, and experience life. 
                I'm lucky enough to call this babe my roommate, if you know Rachel personally she is on grind mode all day long yet one of the chillest, kindest, most HILARIOUS people you'll ever meet. I watch her hustle and strive to be the best version of herself everyday. She constantly sends me videos, podcast, seminar links she thinks will help me with my business. She's definitely looks out for the people she loves. I am beyond blessed to have you in my life, Rach. Love you. Ps. ALL boss babes are welcome to our hustle house! 
                • IG: @rachelsleedotcom
                Teresa Rodriguez, founder of the Teresa y Luciana Blog 
                  Teresa is a mommy first, fashion enthusiast second and blogger third! Raised in Spain, Teresa moved to the United States when she was 12. She has to go back home every year. "Spain will always be my home.., but San Diego is a very beautiful home away from home, lol". With a passion for mind and body, Teresa graduated from USD with a bachelors in Pshychology in 2008. Since then she has focused on being a "keep it real" mommy to her daughter Luciana (5) who she the camera flash with. "From the moment I knew she was in my belly, my heart wrapped itself around loving and protecting her". Luciana is full of life and spontaneity. Her beauty and personality is one to follow. Teresa has also dove into the e commerce industry as a creative director and business owner. With a calling for entrepreneurship, she founded "Teresa Y Luciana" in 2016- a Mommy & Daughter blog focusing on fashion and lifestyle. Teresa invokes her love for stylish things and motherhood into her content which is full of witty humor, motherly love and chic fashion. As a single mother, Teresa believes in love, passion and being proud of your inner-self. She is an advocate of "Anti-Mommy-Shamming" and believes you should be proud of your accomplishments, and okay with your shortcomings. "It's not about having it all together, it's about accomplishing your goals and brushing yourself off every time you fall".
                  I have known Teresa since high school, she's been a friend since we were 13 years old... Yep, long time. She is one of the coolest ladies out there, you can't help but love her. I have seen her grow into such an amazing person and boss babe mommy. SO happy we reunited and continued our friendship like no time had passed. Love you Tere and thank you for your beautiful friendship! 
                  • IG: @teresayluciana 
                    Erika De La Cruz, author and founder of Amazon #1 Best-Seller: Passionistas, Tips Tales & "Tweetables" From Women Pursuing Their Dreams
                  Erika is a TV Personality and Inspirational Speaker in the #Girlboss movement! She is the Author and founder of Amazon #1 Best-Seller: Passionistas, Tips Tales & "Tweetables" From Women Pursuing Their Dreams. She is the creator of TV & Personal Development Conference: Passion to Payckeck. Erika's partners include TheWrap Hollywood, NBC Universal & The CW. Her brand features inspirational content to keep humanity playing big and staying empowered. She is the host of Fashion Week Southern California and Variety’s: A Night of the Stars. Erika was recently called an "Inspirational Boss-Babe" by the Huffington Post and Marie Claire style online!
                  I met Erika at a blogging event in San Diego and looooved her right away. She radiates positivity and good vibes. It was so awesome to see her expand her brand and become a total boss babe. She recently founded the Amazon Best-Seller: Passionistas, Tips Tales & "Tweetables" From Women Pursuing Their Dreams... which ahem I was so blessed to be a part of. I love you Erika, for being such a huge inspiration in my life, loving all humans and wanting to create a better world. 
                  • IG: _erikadelacruz 


                  Thanks again ladies for your inspiration and for being a light in my life and in so many others. Love you all. 

                  "Here's to those who inspire us and don't even know it."

                  mariela torres
                  mariela torres