chic up a tee

by mariela torres January 13, 2017

chic up a tee

I usually write about life, the universe, spirituality and other random shit that makes me feel tingly inside but I get so many “fashion” questions since I kind of sort of own a clothing line... I also always get asked "Why a tee shirt line?" Well, I use to be a buyer and the one thing I realized was that tee shirts will never go out of style. I also love that you can wear them with nearly anything and make it look classic and chic if paired correctly. 

Here are my top 5 ways to chic up a tee.

Blaze it up

I love blazers, I can't get enough of them and every time I shop they seem to have a magnet drawing me towards them. I leave the mall/boutique/vintage shop thinking here I go again another blazer. I have so many of them because they instantly transform any outfit into feeling from ehhh to ahhh. A classic black blazer is a must have in every fashionistas closet but shop around for different shapes, prints, and colors. 


Skip the booty shorts

I’m not saying skip them all together I like a tad bit of booty from time to time (thinking emoji face here) if you’re wearing a long sleeve blouse, button up or sweater but with a tee always go for a longer hem. That alone will change your outfit from 12 year old school girl to sophisticated late 20ish babe. Wear the outfit with a pair of booties or a simple heel. Complete the look with a leather jacket to add yourself some "cool points".


Layer it on me, baby

More is better in this case. I love pairing a simple tee then adding different lengths and layers in my 'fit. It screams I am super rad chick and I know it. During the warmer weather layer a collard blouse or light sweater under your tee. When layering keep the colors neutral.  


Make a statement

(My personal favorite ) pair your tee with a pencil skirt, sequins, fur, leather, feathers, bright colors, prints, pretty much anything your heart desires. Go wild, this is your chance to have fun! And ladies, please stop saying "I can't pull that off" I hear that all the time and it totally makes me want to shrink into a tiny little person, crawl into their ear and whisper "Hey queen, stop caring what other people think, if you like it fucking wear it, period." 


Keep it simple

I'd say the number one style advice I always give is to keep it simple second is to always, always make the outfit look interesting. Wear your tee with a simple pair of boyfriend jeans or distressed denim then add a rad shoe, belt, or bag. Add a little somethin' somethin' to keep an outfit looking like you give a fuck, ya know.  



mariela torres
mariela torres