7 Day Bloom challenge

by mariela torres March 16, 2018

7 Day Bloom challenge

Spring is a time of new life, new birth, and new hope — a time of blossoming. 

The beginning of Spring is right around the corner so I designed a 7 day 7 challenge list to get you blooming. 



Day 1. Start a gratitude list

As soon as you wake up write down a list of all the people and things you are grateful for in your life. (I am grateful to wake up today, for my beating heart, for air in my lungs, for my brain, my eye sight, my limbs, my parents, my brother, my friends, my home, etc.) Doing this will instantly put you in a great mood. Keep this close to you on the 'bad days' because there are so many things to be happy about. To take it further call or text the people on your list, and remind them how much you love and appreciate them. 


Day 2. Meditate 

Did you know 20 minutes of meditation per day can significantly reduce your risk of giving a shit... but in all seriousness mediation has been proven to have boundless benefits like; reducing stress, reducing negative emotions, it improves concentration, increases self-awareness, increases happiness, slows aging, cardiovascular and immune health and so much more. Keep in mind it's called a mediation practice for a reason. Your mind WILL start to wonder, keep bringing it back and focus on your breathing. Click on the links below for some guidance.  

Click here for Reiki healing music  or click here for a 6 phase guided meditation  (my personal favs) 

*Take time to do this you waste more time scrolling on IG - you have time.


Day 3. Visualize 

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For while knowledge defines all we currently know and understand, imagination points to all we might yet discover and create.” – Albert Einstein

According to research using brain imagery, visualization works because neurons in our brains, interpret imagery as equivalent to a real-life action." I 100% believe this. When ever I do a visualization practice I feel that my vision (dream) is so real that it brings me to tears. It's amazing to feeeeel all the magical things that are coming my way. This mediation is powerful, I love it so much that I do it everyday. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do. 

Click here for Visualization mediation. 

* Like mediation this does take practice, don't think that because you couldn't visualize anything YET, that it doesn't work for you. Keep at it. 


Day 4. Eat healthy meals all day

I love pizza (and probably have it once a week...) although it's delicious, all that cheese and dough is not good for our bodies. Everything you put into your body will either nourish or harm it. Feed it nothing but nutrients today, eating well is a form of self respect. Try eating something like this today; 

Breakfast - toast with peanut butter, oatmeal and a grapefruit or orange. 

Lunch - Tuna or chicken salad. 

Dinner - Quinoa or brown rice, and veggies.  

* Eat healthy snacks like nuts and fruit in between 

Ps. I am NOT a nutritionist just trying to give you some ideas


Day 5. Work out in nature

Now that Spring is here, there’s no better way to improve feeling better than some exercise in the great outdoors. Try trail running, hiking, biking, or just getting outside and interacting with nature will leave you feeling refreshed and re-energized. Exposure to natural sunlight combined with physical activity will increase serotonin levels in our bodies, which improve feelings of well-being and happiness. 

Day 6. Laugh

Cause laughter is the best medicine! It could be as simple as laughing with a friend, watching a sitcom on TV, a stand up special or movie. Btw has anyone else noticed that stand up comedy has completely taken over Netflix? (Check out the Joe Apatow stand up. So good!) 


Day 7. Dance your ass off

Whether you do it at da club or in the privacy of your own home. Dancing will increase physical confidence, improve general and psychological wellbeing, improve condition of your heart and lungs, increase muscular strength plus it's so fun! Put some positive, happy boosting tunes and jam out. 

I'm currently obsessed with this song, click here for a funky tune! 


... and Day 8. You didn't think you we're going to get off that easy did you? Today is the day you do ALL 7 'challenges.' Write them all down and check each one of them off (like a to do list) you will feel amazing after you have completed them all. 

NOW is the best time for renewal, which requires opening yourself up to new ways of thinking and feeling. May you always be blooming. 



mariela torres
mariela torres